“Meyersville Inn Mural” 

11’ x 16’ | acrylic on wall


Gary Einloth worked for several months to create a larger than life, three-dimensional mural. The mural is located in Gillette, New Jersey, at the historic Meyersville Inn restaurant and tavern. He painted, suspended nearly twenty feet in the air, as restaurant-goers below enjoyed an assortment of Cajun-inspired fare. Einloth custom-designed the New Orleans themed mural, which depicts a jazz band playing on a Bourbon Street balcony. “ I enjoy mixing several different styles of painting within my work; combining elements of pop art and realism. The realistically-painted faces against the graphic-style bricks creates an interesting contrast,” explains Einloth.

“Painting in front of an audience has been an incredible experience that I would encourage every artist to try,” admits Einloth, as he stares up at his enormous, 11’x16’ masterpiece. “It not only builds up your confidence as an artist, but opens many doors for networking and discussion as well. There is no better place to do this than at a restaurant; it provides a constantly changing audience, and offers guests a great source of entertainment.“