“MidSummer Moon Dance”

36” x 36” | oil on canvas


Gazing into the distance, she searches, yearning for the universe to bring her love. The moon, the stars, and the nighttime sky guiding her on her spiritual journey. An astrological whirlwind of emotions keep her pondering night after night. All the while, he holds her tightly in his arms and watches over her. She feels his presence and his loving touch.


When Einloth was first asked to create a work of art that represent an intimate, emotional, and spiritual connection between two people (and would ultimately be hung to attract a soul mate), he was left baffled. What was asked of him next lead him into an even greater state of disarray; but ultimately became the inspiration for this fanciful piece. It was requested that Gary work during a new moon phase at the hour of Venus. This unusual request inevitably encouraged the artist to begin examine the moon and it’s esoteric craters, ridges, and valleys.

He painted crater after crater, ridge after ridge, and valley after valley; some even began to overlap the male figures body. A emerging light could soon be seen in the distance and heavy layers of paint were added to the background to further enhance the dimension of the moon and the figures. The female figure began to come to life as the male figure began to fade into the distance; subsequently compelling this romantic tale to unfold.