22” x 30” | acrylic on canvas


Created using a tiny black and white photograph, “Pietro” brings new life to an old family portrait. Gary Einloth painted this 1920’s portrait using vibrant colors and a variety of brush techniques, from impasto to stippling. Einloth sought to elaborate on elements of the photograph that had become lost over time, capturing every detail as if he were there when the photo was taken. His choice of a bright yellow background against the earthy flesh tones of the man’s skin cause him to really pop off of the canvas. His piercing stare and dominant facial features were formed using blended layers of skin tones; whereas, the tweed suit he wears consists of tiny blue dots, ranging from dark to light. Pietro, as well as his hard work and determination, live on through the work of Gary Einloth; serving as a constant reminder to his family of how they came to be what they are today.